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Information on Health Clinic Sites

This Page is for the listing of any Health Clinic that is being put on either in conjunction with a Dog Show or held separately by a Kennel Club. This is to help those Boston Terrier owners who would like to do “Health Testing” on their dogs.

Many people are having a hard time finding the appropriate testers in their area. And must travel hundreds of miles to do one test. When you attend a Health Clinic you are usually given a discount on the regular cost of testing. The convenience of being able to have several tests performed at one location on any given day, is very helpful.

Remember, it is recommended that you have your dog permanently identified by either Tattoo or Microchip prior to the testing. Remember to have the results of these tests registered with OFA

Some Health Clinics have a Vet on site to do Microchips.

boston terrier on raft


If you are associated with a club and have the published information on an upcoming Health Clinic that your club is putting on, please e-mail that information to Sue LeCalsey as an attachment and it will be added to this page.

Listings will be shown as the City & State it is being held in, along with the date.

Health Clinic Sites are also posted at Infodog under their Match, Clinic and Seminar section and you can also check the OFA Web Site.

Remember, you may want to have the results of these tests registered with OFA


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