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BTCA Health Certification Program

From the BTCA Health Committee


The BTCA Health Committee is pleased to announce a new totally voluntary Health Certification program available to all BTCA members whose dogs have completed certain health requirements. We have listened to the comments of members with regard to such a program. The BTCA Health Committee has worked for almost a year developing this Certification Program that would acknowledge those exceptional Boston Terriers who have qualified by meeting certain health requirements. The BTCA Board has studied the proposal for over six months before giving their final approval. We are hoping that this new program will be enthusiastically embraced by the membership of the BTCA.

The Health Committee identified the most common genetic problems in Boston Terriers through the Health Survey which was completed in early 2001. We are hoping that through education and certification we can make breeders more aware of our primary genetic problems and more thoughtful in the selection of breeding animals that are clear of these defects. We are hopeful that certification can begin to reduce genetic problems and improve the overall health of the Boston Terrier Breed by raising breeder awareness of genetic problems.

Application forms may be submitted annually for certification. Health certification is good for only one year from the time it is granted. The Cerf Exam or OFA Eye Certification Registry exam is to be repeated annually. OFA Patellas should be done every two years by your regular veterinarian. BAER testing only needs to be done once in the life of a dog. Test results can either be "passing or failed" and still be sent into OFA. The whole idea of these health tests is to make breeders aware of their own dogs results, so those results are used to help determine prospective breeding mates. And realistic testing results are then available at OFA for the next Health Survey the BTCA Health Committee conducts.

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Health Certification Recipients


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