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Purina Weight Circle Program

Purina offers a program to breeders feeding Purina Pro Plan and related products. The Pro Plan program rewards breeders with a variety of choices for the points earned by submitting weight circles from qualifying Purina products. In addition to the rewards earned by the breeder, the breeder can designate a parent club to also earn rewards when the weight circles are submitted. The BTCA (Boston Terrier Club of America) is a participating club in the Purina Weight Circle program. This program helps the BTCA raise funds and provides funds to the Canine Health Foundation (CHF) for health research to help our Boston Terriers live longer and healthier lives.

Each year, BTCA receives a donation from Purina with an equal amount donated to the CHF (Canine Health Foundation) based on the number of weight circles submitted.  When these fund are used for research, the CHF will match funds, doubling the benefit.  For example, if BTCA receives $1,000, the CHF also receives $1,000.  The amount when doubled for a research project would be $4,000.  This program is a great benefit to Boston Terrier health research.

Purina Pro ClubAlthough the program is called the Pro Plan Club, other Purina foods such as the Purina Selects or Purina One lines are eligible for weight circle submission. To participate in this program, sign up for a free membership in the Purina Pro Club:   Purina ProClub Sign Up

Enrollment can also be completed by phone at 877-Pro-Club (877-776-2582). Be sure to designate the BTCA as your parent club in your membership profile.

Requirements are feeding of 5 dogs and 1 litter of puppies annually. Members earn coupons, rebates and rewards at participating providers such as Blockbuster, Chili's, Hertz and Best Buy or rebate checks for veterinary services. More information on the program can be found at:

Purina now offers a referral bonus program to earn an extra 1,000 points for the referring Pro Club member. To sign up your friends, you can request the referral form from Purina or print it at the above website. Once your friend(s) have signed up and submitted some weight circles, 1,000 points will be credited to your account. As 2007 wraps up, it's time to get those weight circles together and submitted before the end of the year deadline to start earning rewards. Let's see if we can beat last year's numbers to do even more for the health and future of our beloved Bostons.

Thank you for supporting the BTCA and CHF.


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