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Boston Terrier Health Links

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The Purdue Database which collects data from all the veterinary schools in the United States lists Glaucoma as the 7th most common problem in the Boston Terrier. To put this in perspective, the database lists Cataracts (all kinds) at 190 reported cases in a 5 year period (and this makes cataracts the top problem in our breed). and Corneal Ulcers 52 cases.

(There are more than 20 different eye diseases that can affect Boston Terriers. Juvenile Cataracts and Cataracts of old age are the most common problems.)

Then there were Mitral valve 42 cases, Heart Murmer 36 cases, Epilepsy 33 cases, Allergic dermatitis 29 cases, and Glaucoma 24 cases with most cases being diagnosed in dogs over 7 years of age.



The Following are articles or website links about genetic and/or general health problems that can effect Boston Terriers.

The Boston Terriers Eyes

The Boston Terriers Ears

Patellar Luxation In Boston Terriers


Brachycephalic Syndrome In Boston Terriers (pdf)

Demodectic Mange (pdf)

Early-Onset Hereditary Cataract in Boston Terriers


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