member of the American Kennel Club and is
also the National Club which represents, protects, and furthers
the interests of the breed and its owners throughout the world.

BTCA Life & Honorary Members

boston terrier


Life Members

Life membership may be conferred upon such members in good standing for a minimum of twenty (20) consecutive years, as have been determined to have rendered extraordinary service to the welfare of the Club and the breed.

These members do not pay membership dues but do vote in all club matters.

Bob Candland (California)
Joyce Fletcher (Ohio)
Deana Jones (Florida)
Kathleen "Marby" Kelly (Maryland)
Ola Jeanne McCollough (Michigan)
Leonard Myers (Colorado)
J. Richard Nix (Georgia)
Alice Ochiai (California)
Mary K. Ochiai (California)
Sharon Saberton (Missouri)
Edna Swift (Oregon)
Dorothy Truman (Virginia)


Honorary Members

These members are not required to pay membership dues. However, they are only allowed to vote in club matters if they have chosen to continue to pay dues.

Alice Krawczyk (Rhode Island)
Gregory Krawczyk (Rhode Island)


Life Members (deceased)

The following deceased BTCA members have been bestowed the title of Life Member:

Ellie Candland (deceased)
Ruth Lieberg (deceased)
Ann McCammon (deceased)
Trudy Sample (deceased)
Nancy Washburn



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